Cowgirl Cadillac sale

February 22 . Wickenburg, AZ

Walla Wallas Ghost (Spagetti)
Lot #5

This 2010 gelding is one of the prettiest horses we have every owned. Standing 14.3 and that stunning buckskin color everyone craves.

Finished reiner that is a money earning. There are so many directions that this horse can go!! Show in the reining, ranch riding, or versatility. Go rope or ride the trails!

This gelding is super good minded and is so stunning to look at!

Say Cheeze
Lot #42

A big nice, young, 2016 model gelding, standing right at 15 hh in that golden palomino color.

Cheeze has had over a year of reining training! Has a great feel and is so smooth to lope around! If you want something young that is great minded Cheeze is the horse for you.


Go show him in the reining or ranch riding, keep him for your family to enjoy, or go ranch  and  rope. Not only is he great minded but is absolutely gorgeous!