How are auctions held?

Auctions are held on Chappell Horse Sales Facebook page.  The post will have the description of horse, pictures, video, copy of papers, and location.  Prospective buyer will place their bid in the comment section of the related post in increments of $50. The opening bid is $500. 

Ending of the Auction

The Auction will end at ___o'clock, but bidders will not be cut off if they are still bidding against each other.  I will update the auction at ten minutes till.  I will do a "going once."  at 4 minutes till.  If bidder is not out bid i will do a "going twice at 2 minutes till.  If no one bids after 2 minutes the horse will be sold. 

A different senario,, if bidder is out bid after the "going once or twice" the process will start over every 2 minutes till bidding is done. 

After "going once" bids need to be in increments of at least $100, 


Confirmation of payment being sent is expected within 48 hours.  No horse will be picked up or shipped without payment.  Forms of payment accepted: CASH, check, wire.  3% added with paypal and credit card transactions 


Buyer is responsible for arranging shipping/pick up within 7 days.  Shipping cost range from $.60-$1/mile.  We will help with finding shippers as much as we can 


Bidders will be given 7 days free board.  $12/day if shipping / pick up arrangement takes longer. 

Sold as is

Our auctions are ran like a normal equine auction.  Horses are sold as is with no guarantees.  We will state any know defects, soundness issues, or vices.  If we have X-rays they will be posted.  We are not vets and cannot examine them for you.  Bidders are responsible for asking all questions.  Feel free to message us!!!


all paperwork and transfers are guaranteed!!!! There are times that we ask at least 4 weeks of patience if we are waiting for that paperwork to be processed at AQHA at the time of auction 

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